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Phie, Theis, Leah & Alyce


Phie Ambo is a documentary filmmaker whose award winning works deal with topics such as love, creativity and artificial life. Her most recent trilogy focuses on the relation between science and human existence. Phie is also co-founder and chairman of the board of the Copenhagen Green Free School.


Theis is a Danish filmeditor, who has mainly worked on feature films and feature documentaries with directors such as Phie Ambo, Mikala Krogh, Daniel Espinosa and Tarik Saleh. He also edited Tarik's latest film, The Nile Hilton Incident, which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2017.

United Kingdom

Leah is a journalist, filmmaker and arts interventionist. She’s worked with Sky News, Channel 4 News, the Guardian, the Index on Censorship, APTN, The British Journal of Photography, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Juxtapoz, Open Democracy, Atlantic Monthly, New Statesman and Tank Magazine.

United States

Alyce is currently working at content and creative at a 3D printing company and previously she worked at a company to build an online video platform, including exploring the potential of interactive elements, 360* video and 1-to-1 video communication.



This project is giving visibility to people who assert their humanist values and show us how courage and moral certainty can be driving forces in our societies. Numerous filmmakers will produce short profiles of those who are working to effect positive change; the aim of the lab is to build an international campaign movement around the film components to share them online and offline.