LAB 2013-2014 > Wiktoria Szymanska & Martin Boege – Seven sheep

Wiktoria Szymanska & Martin Boege – Seven sheep

Wiktoria Szymanska


Wiktoria Symanska divides her time between London, Paris and Berlin. Her work combines experimental, documentary and narrative elements with personal voice and tales. She has studied at Sorbonne University and La Femis Film School. In Paris, she programmed the festival Silhouette and co-produced short films, including Oscar-nominated 'Manon sur le bitume'. She has made several short documentaries, one of them 'Yosoy una mujer pecadora' being censored by the Mexican authorities. Her recent documentary 'Themerson and Themerson' won the Award of the Future of Media at The Art of Document Festival in Poland and is currently being shown on several international festivals. Wiktoria also develops visual installations, her work 'Don't tell mama I am gay' was shown at the Cube Gallery in The UK. She strongly supports independent creation.

Martin Boege


Martin Boege is committed to the idea of a different world, with cinematographic language and images as the tools necessary to change it. That is why his work invites us to see beauty as a terrible yet generous element of reality, and to deeply reflect on sensitive topics such as justice, equality, ecology, and the stories of characters that represent man's battle to be human. Born into a family of anthropologists, Martin used his camera to record his parents' fieldwork since he was very young. This life experience later flourished as his visual world was built through his great interest in documentaries, social topics, travel, and the insatiable search for identity and belonging. His academic and professional careers are marked by great mentors like Vilmos Zsigmond and Lázló Kovács (with whom he studied in Hungary), as much as by the experience of filming with several directors as a cinematographer. For Martin, the photographic concept one must develop from a script implies a creative dialogue around the story and its references, and a profound study of the plot - the characters and spaces where everything takes place. Light, form, texture, and color are narrative elements that he renders into the intelligent fabric, which will become cinema - the soul of a story.


seven sheep


Girl is brought one night to the house of the old friend of her grandmother. He is a solitary soul living in the total isolation in the mountains. The loneliness pushes her into co-existing with sheep and other animals. Her presence pushes him to open to feeling towards human beings. The monotony of their daily life bonds them together. At first his severe way is hard for her to fit in but gradually she gets used to the rhythm of life of the house and the surroundings of nature.These two solitudes get closer together and start to build friendship up to a day when their life is suddenly disturbed again. Official Selection Toronto 2015 - Short Cuts