LAB 2013-2014 > Malou Reymann & Hawa Essuman – Distance

Malou Reymann & Hawa Essuman – Distance

Malou Reymann


Malou Reymann was born in Amsterdam in 1988. She started acting in her early teens but decided to focus on directing when she made her 2nd shortfilm '13' which was screened at several film festivals and won Best National Short Film at Odense Film Festival in 2011. In 2012 she completed her degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Copenhagen. She has since directed 'The Ones You Love' and 'Copenhagen-Oslo'. She is currently working on a medium length film at New Danish Screen/DFI.

Hawa Essuman


Hawa Essuman (Nairobi, Kenya) has worked on various angles of film production: as a freelance director, writer, production manager, and voice over artist. Her interests lay in theatre performance & production and creative writing. She attended The Greensteds School in Nakuru. In addition to that, Hawa Essuman has assisted the director during a drama TV series 'Makutano Junction' (2007.) She has directed several music videos and short films e.g. 'Cold War' (2008) and is currently working on a documentary 'Logs of War' and and a feature film 'Djin'.




In the recent decades, it has become more and more usual for people of one heritage to be born in a different country, grow up in another and then live somewhere else. Travel and moving has become part of their lives. Sometimes it becomes part of their work and then part of their identity. Travel has become, more and more, part of normal life. For some, it's become part of who they are. We strike up meaningful connections with people we aren't sure when we'll see again. In moving around, how do we sustain important relationships? Technology makes talking to and even seeing friends, family and lovers easier. But is there a cost that we pay with the distance? Has distance taken on a new meaning? As roving islands, what is the definition of home? In a collage made up of conversations with people who live like this and reconstructed impressions of home and how memories are kept, we take an intimate look at how the set of people that make the travelling tribe sustain important relationships. The story consists of two parts. One part is the conversations from several characters, all of who are looking at/ exploring life and their identity through movement. We'll use these conversations to create a single conversation, using their ideas of belonging as an anchor that centres the story. The other, is staged reconstructions of the individuals' thoughts/ ideas on home, maintaining important relationships and storing memory. These will be shot in Nairobi and Copenhagen and treated as one place to show that when living in constant movement, cities and spaces become, intrinsically, the same. The images and sound will not always be in sync, allowing the audience to create their own understanding from the gap that this creates.