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Leonardo Brzezicki & Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson – The mad half hour

Leonardo Brzezicki


Leonardo Brzezicki was born in 1978 in Argentina. He studied Film at the University of Buenos Aires, where he also trained as an actor with the theatre director Ricardo Bartis. He has directed several short films that went on to win various awards, such as: 'Tokyo Tonight' (2003) and 'With You Counting Lambs' (2002) a comedy, that won a first prize at the Latin American Short Film Festival in Rosario. As an actor he has appeared in several independent productions in Buenos Aires, for example in 'Unmade Beds' (2009) by Alexis Dos Santos. 'Night' (2013) his directorial debut premiered at Official Competition of IFFR 2013, and was selected for BAFICI, CPH:PIX, Toulouse, New Horizons and will continue to premiere in many more festivals to come.

Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson


Born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1982 and graduated in fine art from The Icelandic Art Academy. Studied screenwriting after moving to Denmark. Now based in Copenhagen, working both there and Iceland as a filmmaker and a part time teacher in screenwriting, directing, fine art and video art in The Iceland Academy of The Arts and The Icelandic Film school. He has directed several short-films, e.g. 'Whale Valley' (2013,) 'Ártún' (2013) and has participated in several feature films as a consultant, creative director assistant and a script consultant, in movies such as: 'Volcano' (2010,) 'City State' (2010,) 'The Secret Spell' (2010.)


The mad half hour


The Mad Half Hour refers to a condition usually indoor housecats experience once a day. They expand wild energy in one concentrated burst of 15 to 30min, without any apparent reason. Juan (35) is playing tennis with his boyfriend Pedro (35) but Juan is not playing well today, he hits the balls out of the court and he doesn't run fast enough. At one point he stops and just stands still. His boyfriend comes over to see what's wrong. Juan tells Pedro that all of the sudden he has lost his passion, passion for everything in life. The two lovers have an absurd existentialist conversation about the meaning of life, but Pedro doesn't quite know what to say and screams instead: "Let's go and get drunk at the karaoke bar!" Juan doesn't want to go: "No, I said I would never drink again, and I will never drink again, besides I don't think this relationship is working, I think we should break up". But they don't break up Instead they go to the karaoke bar and get drunk together Again! Will a strange light in the forest sky, a choir of thousand three eyed cats, and his boyfriend's newly found passion for playing the guitar; give back Juan the excitement for life?