LAB 2012-2013 > Omar Shargawi & Mahmoud Al Massad – Fixability

Omar Shargawi & Mahmoud Al Massad – Fixability

Omar Shargawi


Omar Shargawi is a Danish director with both Danish and Palestinian roots. He has a background in photography, and in 2008 he had his debut with the film Gå med Fred, Jamil (Go in Peace, Jamil). In 2011 he had planned a documentary about children living in the streets of Cairo, but shortly after his arrival the revolution started as part of the Arab Spring, and he ended up filming a personal account of what followed - the film is called 1/2 Revolution (2011). He won for best feature documentary at the Aljazeera Golden Award, and had earlier that year also received the Nordisk Film Award.

Mahmoud Al Massad


Al Massad has received international acclaim for his work. In 2002, Al Massad was chosen as the Arab Ambassador of Culture. His work was used in the curriculum of film academies all over Europe. Recycle was awarded the World Best Cinematography Award at Sundance in 2008, screened at over 130 international film festivals and was theatrically released in several European countries. His latest film premiered at IDFA in 2010 and won the Best Documentary Award at Dubai Film Festival. Blessed Benefit received the Abu Dhabi Film Commission Shasha Grant, won ARTE award and participated in the Cannes Film Festivals LAtelier 2012.




Small everyday stories from around the Middle East - Jordan, Egypt. Told in an era of great change. Funny, sad and touching moments caught on the street and in the daily surroundings of Arabia. In Cairo we meet Amal who is a rock star but was tricked by fate to become a housemaid - still a rock star mentally. There is Omar, an old writer and architect who lived through two revolutions and still hunts to feel the flesh of a young womans behind in his hands. Zarqa - Jordan, Ali is an Imam at a local mosque in Zarqa, With the current economic crisis his salary is no longer enough so he decides to open a computer maintenance shop in his neighbourhood. His work at the shop is during the hours between the five daily prayers. Being an Imam, Ali has no problems finding customers since he's a trusted man, but his only little problem, he got no clue how to fix computers.