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Katja Adomeit & Shahrbanoo Sadat – Not at home

Katja Adomeit


Katja Adomeit has worked in the film industry in New Zealand, Germany and Denmark. After working with Zentropa for six years she has just opened her own company Adomeit Film. Katja has produced the short film Lars & Peter, selected in official competition at Cannes FF 2009 and Berik, which was awarded the Grand Prix Award at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes 2010. At the moment Katja is in post-production with the feature film The Weight Of Elephants, by Daniel Joseph Borgman, which is developed with Cannes Cinefondation Residence. Katja is developing projects with director Behrouz Bigdeli and Anna Eborn. She was selected as Emerging Producer at Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival. Katja has just directed her first short film Little Night Hunter, which was shot in Bhutan.

Shahrbanoo Sadat


Shahrbanoo Sadat was born in 1990 in Tehran, Iran during immigration period and moved to her homeland Afghanistan after September 11th. Shahrbanoo started her career in 2008 at TOLO TV, a private channel in Kabul, where she performed as a producer, researcher and scriptwriter. After graduating from Ateliers Varan Kabul, a French documentary production workshop, Shahrbanoo produced her first short fiction film, one of which Vice Versa One (2010) was selected in the 43rd Directors Fortnight Edition at Cannes Film Festival 2011. Shahrbanoo is currently working at the Independent Female Society Organization as a Deputy Director and working on pre-production of her first feature film with Slot Machine Film Company.


Not at home


In Kabul, a family with 4 girls are about to move to a new house. The father feels he lost the position as the head of the family, since the oldest Girl, Sakina, 22, is working and pays for all the costs. Communication between the family members is difficult. Sharifa, 20, helps in the house and is looking for a job, Kamila, 16, learns English and Zar, 10, takes care of her sick chicken. Everyone is trying in their own way. An 18 year old Girl from Afghanistan is new in an isolation refugee camp in Germany. She feels lonely and is trying her best to adjust and to understand the routine in the camp. One day, a man, 23, stitches his mouth and starts a hunger strike in the canteen. Worried about him and at the same time fascinated by this man who strongly sits there day and night, she starts to look after him.