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Clara Bodén & Simon El Habre – Video pals

Clara Bodén


Clara Bodén is very fond of sound and the shorter film format. She is interested in how to create and collaborate with people in making independent screenings outside the cinema. She makes film under the label Vapen och Dramatik, which was founded in March 2011 by Clara Bodén, Mariken Halle and Ronja Svenning Berge after years of sharing thoughts and working in different projects together. Bodén thinks of Vapen och Dramatik as a label that grows wildly between cinema and gallery, public screenings and experiments in few copies and collaborations. The label moves seamlessly between Norway and Sweden with bases in Östersund, Gothenburg and Oslo.

Simon El Habre


Simon obtained his Diploma in Audiovisual Directing from ALBA in 1998 and graduated from Femis (Paris) in Film and Video Editing in 2000. Since 2001 he has been teaching video and visual expression as well as film and video editing. He is also a member of the cultural association for the development of Arab cinema. El Habre has built a strong reputation in Lebanon and the Middle East as an editor. In 2008, he wrote, produced and directed a full-length documentary The One Man Village which was highly acclaimed by festivals, press and audiences internationally. His latest documentary Gate #5 had its world premiere at DIFF 2011.


Video pals


A bomb explodes in Beirut. In Sweden the news reports it. A woman in Sweden and a man in Lebanon become videopals to bring out new images. A subjective point of view speaking to one person but relevant to many. That is what I miss. I feel journalism focuses much on what is not common. In a way you slowly lose the feeling of humanity. Like every thing is distant. Concerning the situation here and the situation there, and about how two situations that are different but at the same time have things in common. I like to think of a film where I tell you about this, the feeling I have of my country and the images of your country that my country gives. Where we speak to each other, like videopals, like two kids trying to tell and ask about lives and places.