LAB 2011-2012 > Flora Lau & Elina Talvensaari – Start from zero

Flora Lau & Elina Talvensaari – Start from zero

Flora Lau


Flora recently completed the writer's lab at the Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam to develop her first feature film. Before this she got a MA degree as a film director with distinction, at the London Film School. Her recent films count '12:30' (2008) and 'Dry Rain' (2009). Dry Rain was awarded the Best Film Award at HK Fresh Wave Short Film Competition, Hong Kong. Besides directing Lau has been director of photography at a number of films.

Elina Talvensaari



Start from zero


Start From Zero is a multilayered journey through Hong Kong memories. It explores one version of Hong Kong as experienced by a generation. It is a cinematic essay built upon childhood memories during the last decade of British rule in Hong Kong - a time when uncertainty of its futures loomed over the city. The film contains elements of semi-autobiographical narration constructed as a semi-fictional character telling the story. The style of casual conversations combines with images of both archival and contemporary footage of the city.