LAB 2010-2011 > Marcus Lindeen & Mauro Andrizzi – Accidentes gloriosos

Marcus Lindeen & Mauro Andrizzi – Accidentes gloriosos

Marcus Lindeen


Marcus recently got his debut as a director with the documentary 'Regretters', which portrays two Swedish men and their regret of their sex reassignment surgeries they both got made earlier in their lives. The film had premiere at this year’s Göteborg International Film Festival and has since been screened in festivals all around the world, including Hot Docs in Toronto, Canada. Marcus has also written a stage version of 'Regretters' - a play he directed in 2006 at Stockholm City Theatre. Before Marcus got into the international world of documentaries and theatre he worked as a journalist, freelancer and radio producer in New York and studied art history in Denmark.

Mauro Andrizzi


Since 2001 Mauro has been working as the programmer at the prestigious Mar del Plata Film Festival in Argentina. Most of his latest feature and documentary films have been screened at numerous international film festivals, counting the films 'Color and Pixel' (2006) 'Mono' (2007) as well as 'Iraqi Short Films' (2008), which is based on footage from a number of amateur documentary makers. With premiere this year at Venice Film Festival, Mauro’s third film, a feature called 'In the Future' is on its way internationally.


Accidentes gloriosos


Car crashes are instant art and sculptures made in seconds. At least to a certain Buenos Aires photographer, who spends his nights driving through the city in search of capturing the perfect accident. Meanwhile, another man is trying to find a legendary cock sucker who hides somewhere in the dark rooms of a gay sex club. Accidentes Gloriosos tells nine different stories of death and transformation. From the man who undergoes a heart transplant and wakes up with new and strange artistic powers, to the woman who recieves a last letter from her husband, written just before he freezes to death in one of history’s most dramatic polar expeditions. The film premiered at Venice Film Festival 2011 in Orizzonti section, where it won the Orizzonti Award.