LAB 2010-2011 > Måns Månsson & Li Hongqi – Stranded in Canton

Måns Månsson & Li Hongqi – Stranded in Canton

Måns Månsson


Måns’ film career includes documentaries as 'Clyde' (2001), 'Stockholm Street' (2003), 'Kinchen' (2004) and 'H:R Landshövding' (2008), which were screened at various international film festivals, including Berlinale, IDFA or Sao Paolo IFF. 'H:R Landshövding' combines the observational camera style with a personal portrait of a person through seemingly static images. The film received the Special Mention at the DOX: AWARD competition at last year’s CPH:DOX. Måns is currently studying at the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm, but has a strong attraction to cinema, especially the American documentary style, Cinéma Vérité, from the 1960s.

Li Hongqi


Li Hongqi’s latest film 'Winter Vacation' took home the Golden Leopard at the 63rd Locarno International Film Festival, 2010. His film 'So Much Rice' (2005) was screened at the Locarno, Pusan, Vancouver and Sao Paolo film festivals. A DVD version of the film has recently been glimpsed in several of Beijing's hipper bookstore-cafes. Besides being a talented film maker, Li Hongqi as also a novelist. His first novel 'Xingyun'r' (approximate translation: Lucky Bastard), was published in January of 2004 by Huaxia Chubanshe/Cathay Press. In his book 'jacket blurb', Li Hongqi also hints that he has done a stint as a lead singer of a band...precisely which band, we have yet to ascertain.


Stranded in Canton


Stranded in Canton captures the stranded of present day Guangzhou. Tens of thousands of sub-Saharan African merchants currently live in the mega city of Guangzhou, located along the northern reaches of the Pearl River in southern China. The local Cantonese commonly refer to the Sanyuanli and Xiaobei districts of the city as Chocolate City due to their large number of African inhabitants. Here we encounter Lebrun, who represents and illustrates the reality of illegal African traders struggling in Guangzhou. The film's premiere has been postponed to 2014.