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Kasper Bisgaard & Donald Mugisha – The Kampala story

Kasper Bisgaard


Kasper got his MA from the National Polish Film School in 2001, where he was taught by Kieslowski and Polanski. The same year, Kasper was nominated for the IDA Award in Los Angeles for "Most Distinguished Feature Documentary” for his film 'Choka!'. In 2007, he got a Danish Robert nomination for the year’s best fiction/animation with his film 'Koma'. Kasper has been working on several documentary film projects in Africa, and has directed international fiction and documentaries for BBC World and Channel 4.

Donald Mugisha


In 2004 Donald Mugisha wrote, directed and edited the art film '610' which won the Golden Impala at the Amakula Kampala International Film Festival in 2006, and got screened at several international festivals, both in and outside Africa. Donald is part of the group 'African Guerilla Filmmaking Collective, Yes That’s Us!' which got formed in 2000 as a source of Donald’s own video production company, DEDDAC. In 2002 he wrote and co-directed a documentary film 'The Wrath' and in 2003 he directed 'When We Shot', a film that goes behind the production of music videos in Uganda. Donald participated at Berlinale Talent Campus 2005.


The Kampala story


'The Kampala Story' is a docu-drama about how 21st century technology is having a huge influence on the daily lives of ordinary people in Africa. A 14-year old girl, Apio, and her mother run their household on money wired through money service from the father who works at a communicating firm in Kampala. One day the money transfers stop and Apio decides to travel alone to Kampala to find her father.