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Jeppe Rønde & Woo Ming Jin – Girl in the water

Jeppe Rønde


eppe had his feature-length debut in 2003 with 'Jerusalem, My Love', which won international prizes at several film festivals, including Nordic Panorama, Taiwan IFF and Leipzig Festival. 'The Swenkas', Jeppe’s second feature-length film won a prestigious Robert Award in Denmark in 2005 for 'Best Feature Documentary' and Jeppe himself won a prize for 'Best International Director' at Hot Docs in Toronto. Last year he directed the critically acclaimed documentary series 'The Quatraro Mystery', about the mysterious death of an EU civil servant. Apart from directing and filming his own documentaries, Jeppe has also benefited from his professional career as a musician, and as a consequence has been able to compose the music to his films.

Woo Ming Jin


Ming Jin completed his feature film debut 'Monday Morning Glory' in 2005. The same year was the film screened with a big success at both Berlin and Locarno International Film Festival. Ming Jin’s second film 'Elephant and the Sea' (2007) gained several awards in Spain, Italy and Korea, among others for Best Director and the Critic Prize at Cinema Digital Seoul Festival. In 2009 his film 'Woman on Fire Looks for Water' was supported by Hubert Balls Fund of Rotterdam FF. 'The Tiger Factory' (2010) is his latest film and is the third in the run of Malaysian film in the history, which has achieved to get screened at one of the biggest international Film Festivals, Cannes Film Festival, where it premiered at Director’s Fortnight.


Girl in the water


This short fiction film is about a Thai woman, Fern, who comes with her husband and child to Malaysia as a refugee in search of work. Something happens during their journey by sea, and only Fern makes it to the final destination. She starts a new life, living in a house by the sea and working as a collector of a rare Chinese delicacy- bird's nest. One day Fern finds a baby by the beach, and takes it as her own. Soon, this action culminates into a climax that will take Fern back to her own cycle of life, and 'rebirth' of sorts. The film won the Danish Film Academy Award 2012 in Short Film category.