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Caroline Sascha Cogez & Dechen Roder – She sings

Caroline Sascha Cogez


The French-born Danish award winning film director Caroline Sascha Cogez, has been represented at several international film festivals with her short films 'Les Amours Perdus' (2005) and 'Emmalou' (2006). She is a graduate of the independent association of young filmmakers, Super16, and has worked as assistant director for Lars von Trier. Her latest work includes the short film/music video project 'Show Stopper', with the Canadian electronic musician Peaches, and the exhibition 'Inside the Mind of a Pervert', which explores a deceased man’s erotic fantasies through footage of films and photos.

Dechen Roder


Dechen has been directing, producing and editing documentaries since 2004. She has also taught video editing in the International Academy of Film and TV in Philippines. Like other filmmakers in her home country, she usually makes documentaries funded by international organizations as UNICEF-Bhutan and Youth Development Fund of Bhutan. From her perspective, working within the documentary genre is a social tool to share messages, frame small stories and highlight incidents, which normally would be in the shadow of something else. Dechen recently screened her first short film in Tshechu Beskop short film festival in Bhutan.


She sings


This unusual coming of age story takes us on a journey of discovery with mermaid encounters, magical monkeys, drunken grannies and Bhutanese pop music. Dechen, a 19 year old girl, is living with her mother and little brother in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. Dechen dreams of becoming a successful singer and is selected to be a contestant in the Bhutan TV singing contest Druk Super Star. As the competition evolves, Dechen explores the story of her beloved late grandmother who was a singing talent just like Dechen. In her search for identity, Dechen uncovers the dark history of her family in which blessings and curses stand side by side. The film is the first experimental documentary coming out of this formerly closed country in the midst of the Himalayas. Bhutan was the last country in the world to allow TV in 1999 and has only in the past decade established its own movie industry. The crossover from child to adult in the young girl reflects a country in the middle of a transition between the old and the modern world.