LAB 2010-2011 > Camilla Nielsson & Halim Sabbagh – TVC, the joy of life

Camilla Nielsson & Halim Sabbagh – TVC, the joy of life

Camilla Nielsson


Camilla Nielsson, born in1977, has an MA in visual anthropology and graduated in Culture and Media at New York University. Camilla Nielsson has as an anthropologist focus on visual anthropology, media and communication in developing countries, primarily in a South Asian context. She has produced various communication materials concerning children's rights, developed guidelines for visual representation and produced public service announcements about child rights, health and education. Her last film is 'Mumbai Disconnected' co-directed with Frederick Jacobi. Camilla Nielssons film 'The Children of Darfur' (2006) won the Monte Carlo TV Festival, Grand Prix Award TV3 in Spain, and Mirada Doc Award. She has also worked as media consultant for UNICEF and UNESCO.

Halim Sabbagh


Halim Sabbagh was born in 1983. He has directed several shorts such as 'Image10.jpeg' (2006) about proximity and violence in couples in times of war. Summer, the eighth chapter of the collective video work 'Summertime' (2007) about the consistency of nature. Room 207 (2007) shot in Cairo as part of the Film Form workshop with Arne Bro. 'The good, the bad and the industry' (2010) about the problems that productions face in the advertising industries in Lebanon. 'Urban Entertainment' (2011) is a series of 32 video works about the ordinary in and about Beirut city. Halim Sabbagh has also been working in the advertising production industry since 2003 as well as the photographic industry.


TVC, the joy of life


In the process of making TV commercials, limitations come across the ambitious idea makers. Those limitations naturally imposed by the product, its consumers and its market seem to create an ambiguous atmosphere in the new Arab advertising world, yet they seem to live and produce their projects. It is in this situation that my film exists.