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Lilibeth Cuenca & Nidal Hassan – True stories

Lilibeth Cuenca


After graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2002, Lillibeth has become a multi artist dedicated to the art of installation, video and computer animation. In her videos she mixes documentary styles with her own aesthetic intentions e.g. by using split-screen and audio-/visual repetitions. Her Danish-Philippine background has played a role in her way of approaching themes as identity, culture, religion, sex and social relations in both a critic and humoristic way. A key point in her art has been the exploration of the intersection between different forms of reality. Lilibeth has been participating in a large number of exhibitions both in- and outside of Denmark.

Nidal Hassan



True stories


It never occurred to Nidal and Lilibeth that the day of her arrival in Damascus - 16 March - would be the eve of the Syrian uprisings. Moreover, it never crossed their minds that the film about the fates of Syrian women, who have declared rebellion and revolution for their freedom, would continue with other women who are now making their own revolution. Between Damascus, Sweida Ein Al Arab, we gather details on the stories of women - including the ones who are absent - who present their testimonies about themselves and about love, life, death and sometimes about the revolution.