LAB 2009-2010 > Zero Lin & Ada Bligaard Søby – MASTER CHEN LIVES ON 88 LUCKY STREET

Zero Lin & Ada Bligaard Søby – MASTER CHEN LIVES ON 88 LUCKY STREET

Zero Lin


The world is full of disasters that the viewers leave when the camera turns off. The Chinese independent filmmaker Zero Lins latest project, the documentary film '1/3 Heaven', shows life after the disaster. When an earthquake struck China's Sichuan-province, it shook office buildings as far away as Shanghai and Beijing. The quake killed 51,151 people. 29,328 are still reported missing and 4.8 million homeless. In '1/3 Heaven' Zero Lin follows two young sisters from one of the hardest-hit cities Beichuan. They struggle to build up something that might never be a new life, bound as they are to memories of the tragedy and the life before. The documentary lets the camera slide from the sisters' personal history to a landscape of heavy jagged rocks; the physical remnants of the disaster and a massive burial ground for those who were never found. Zero Lin is a graduate of the School of Film and Television - Shanghai University. He was born in 1983 and despite his young age he has already received prizes from several film festivals. His short film 'Fill Kish' was selected for Cannes 2005, and most recently his 'Shanghai Anthem' was selected for Expo 2010, which also takes place in Shanghai, whose teeming life is the subject of several of his films.



As a director Ada Bligaard Søby graduated from both the School of Visual Arts, New York and from the Film School in Copenhagen. The Danish and American reality forms the basis for her film and the photographs, which constitute another important part of Ada Søby’s art. Both cinematic and photographic she follows the inner feelings outward expressions. A good example is 'Black Heart', a film about mental after-effects. It follows three New Yorkers, each of which strives to recover from a personal loss. The city of New York City is forming a fourth character who tries to recover from the 9/11-tragedy and the wound that still exist. Ada Søby has apart from documentaries made commercials and participated in exhibitions with her photos. ‘I suck at fiction', says Ada Søby about her films, including both documentaries and fiction. ‘I lack vision ... But I can see something ... and I'm trying to build a world about it with my camera’. Ada Søby received the 2000 National Arts Foundation two-year scholarship for young artists. In 2006 her documentary 'Rome, NY' was selected for the Rotterdam International Film Festival and New York Video Festival. The same year she participated in the Nordic Panorama and CPH:DOX with her film 'American Losers’.




Master Chen has never seen his wife, his daughter, or the skyscrapers that surround his home in the middle of Shanghai. He is blind, and makes a living giving traditional Chinese massage to busy businessmen. Chen lost his eyesight in a fight during his rootless youth, and has not seen the colossal changes that China has gone through during the past twenty years. But he can feel them on the bodies of his clients, where his fingers can literally read the passing of time. Zero Lin and Ada Bligaard Søby have made a sensual and attentive film about a man who can remember the colour red, but who has forgotten what pink looks like. But 'My World' is also a film about the world surrounding him, where the small and densely populated streets lie right next to the modern skylines, which are shooting up like mushrooms.