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Mahasen Nasser-Eldin & Camilla Magid – From Palestine with love

Mahasen Nasser-Eldin


The Palestinian director Mahasen Nasser-Eldin comes from Jerusalem. The city has been the centre of several of her film projects, but her cultural and social commitment covers the whole region. As a filmmaker, she works with both documentary and fiction - two genres she mixes in her latest film, the docu-drama 'On The Eastside'. With this film Mahasen Nasser-Eldin wanted to focus on time as a dimension of the occupation of East Jerusalem: with sarcasm and black humor she describes a day in Palestinian East Jerusalem, where the same characters crosses the same streets again and again. The film has received international attention and been shown at festivals in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Finland. Mahasen Nasser-Eldin has a Master in Arab studies from the USA, and film instruction is only one of the media she makes use of. She has been active in several human rights groups in the Middle East. In 2003, immediately after the invasion of Iraq, she traveled to Baghdad for the U.S. magazine National Catholic Reporter to describe the consequences of the U.S. occupation of the inhabitants.

Camilla Magid


Camilla Magid was born in 1979. She began to work professionally with film after a cruise with the schoolship Denmark, and her interest in the world outside of Denmark has remained: in her films she combines her two courses as bachelor in Film and Media and Arabic. It is reflected in her first film, the documentary 'En sort streg om øjet' (2006) revolving a Syrian public bath: Two young women bathe each other and confide stories of lust, searching for love and the struggle to find an identity in a changing society. The same theme remains in her film 'Den sidste badeanstalt', which is sponsored by the Film Workshop / DFI and produced by Cosmo Doc. Camilla Magid has her own film company Safina Film and works with cultural themes in a series of portrait films for Danish Industry, which are to be included in an integration campaign.


From Palestine with love


The circus girl Mays is 22 years old, lives in the occupied Palestinian territories and is planning a life with her Swedish boyfriend Caspar in Stockholm, where she wants to study at the university. But it's a large step from dream to reality, and from Ramallah to Sweden. The expectations of the families and the Swedish bureaucracy are getting in the way of the young couple's plans, such as when Mays is trying to apply for the decisive place at the university and discovers that her nationality doesn't exist in the system. Nonetheless, there is no finger-pointing in Mahasen Nasser-Eldin and Camilla Magid's warm and subtly romantic 'From Palestine with Love', which succeeds with something as simple and nonetheless courageous as believing in the fact that things will work out if one's heart is in the right place. And yes, the film is a true love story. It's just not the kind one has heard so much about before.