LAB 2009-2010 > Corine Shawi & Nikolaj Larsen – JE T’AIME INFINIMENT

Corine Shawi & Nikolaj Larsen – JE T’AIME INFINIMENT



Corine Shawi graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Beirut. As her talent was spotted by the Head of Documentary the national Film School of Denmark, Arne Bro, she accepted the offer to study a semester at the Film School. Her earlier film that is a crossing between documentary and experimental film art is very personal. She always has herself, friends and family on the cast. Corine Shawi also plays herself in 'Film about farewell and goodbye', but here the aesthetic idiom means more than before. Corine says about her stay in Denmark: ”I have always been steering after emotions, letting aesthetics count second. I have learned to be much more precise in my aestethic language, so now I manage to combine emotions and aesthetics.” 'Film about goodbye and farewell' have sought to frame the tone of the Danish mind that in her experience opens a little slower and more modestly than the Lebanese. And as the momentum of her Lebanese films are always emotions, how hard they may be to control, there is in 'Film about goodbye and farewell' a peculiar tension between control and loss of same.

Nikolaj Larsen


Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen (b. 1971) lives in Paris. He received his Masters Degree in media art from Slade School of Fine Arts in London and now works as a video artist, photographer and as a documentary filmmaker. Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen draws inspiration from his travels: 'No Place Like Home' (2006) is set in Dubai, 'Mystic Truth' (2007) in Palestine. Larsen exhibits all over the world as well as in Denmark. In 'I morgen er alt muligt' (tomorrow everything is possible) he and the singer Peter Sommer tell a completely new story about the city Århus. Whether in Dubai or Århus, Larsen explores the relationship between places and people and the contact/contrast between them.




Two very old sisters live together and share a disturbing past. 'Je t'aime infiniment' is a moving story about love and loss, but also a juicy gossip story, which unfolds in unpredictable and extremely funny fragments - and in this way it sticks to the familiar tone shared by two people who have known each other forever. Corine Shawi and Nikolaj Larsen may not have known each other quite that long, but they have here nonetheless made an unforgettable film about love under the long shadow of death. Vast mountain landscapes and bloody roadkill are a memento mori, but the film's enthralling imagery and long takes nonetheless let the living have the last say. The two directors have a precise yet poetic eye for the familiar in the unfamiliar - and the unfamiliar in the familiar.