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Laurin Federlein & Laura Hermanides

Laurin Federlein


German-born filmmaker who studied Fine Art at Central St. Martins, then Fiction Directing at the NFTS. His debut feature is the absurdist musical comedy feature Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness (2007) that travelled many international festivals. He’s currently developing his second feature.

Laura Hermanides


Considering form and concept the most important narrative elements in audiovisual storytelling, Laura Hermanides (1988) works in all genres. She is currently working on two long documentaries for Dutch television, two short fiction films and for CPH:LAB she develops a film somewhere in between.



Our project aims to test the viability of outsourcing the creation of art films to countries where this can be done at lower cost. This project takes as a starting point the increasing importance of outsourcing as a tool of wealth creation, global trade and intercultural exchange. In embracing this tool we decided against making our own film. Instead we aim to maximize our budget by sub-contracting small commercial video producers, selected from countries that have never previously submitted films to the CPH:DOX festival. These filmmakers are requested to provide an art film according to their own specifications. Our commissioning guidelines are led purely by financial considerations. We work with the cheapest providers. Our aim is to create ten individual films.