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Johannes Gierlinger

Johannes Gierlinger


Born in 1985 in Salzburg; studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and works in the field of Film and Fine Arts. His films have been screened at many festivals. In 2014, his debut feature‚ The fortune you seek is in another cookie, had its world premiere at CPH:DOX intl. competition program.


Re-mapping the origins

‘Re-mapping the origins' is the quest for the roots as well as current developments of a city. One could say: a city reveals it´s history, by every step you enter it.

A city reveals its past, present and future. A place where two great thinkers developed new languages. One, that is spoken and one, that can be seen. One is for the eye and one for the tongue and both blend together. Their ambitious goal: uniting mankind. Both are born in this city which finds itself in a state of enduring transition. A permanent clash of openness and insularity. A former melting point of cultures that nowadays seems to be transforming into a secluded place. There have always been those who unite, those who separate, those who break up, those who change and those who obstruct. In this city it all comes together. A continuous struggle of ideas, beliefs and ideologies. Where are the anarchists and resistance fighters today? What is left of these movements nowadays? Who are the contemporary opponents and what are they longing for? What dreams – for the good or for the bad – are they fighting for? Can a fascist say “I love you” in another language? Maybe this never happened. Maybe they are all hiding in the last primeval forest of our continent.
‘Re-mapping the origins' is the quest for the roots as well as current developments of a city. An essayistic meditation on loss, continuity and progression. Filmed in a city, which could stand for more than just a city, maybe for Europe, maybe for the future of its inhabitants. A quest of what remains, entirely forgotten and worthless?