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Lea Glob & Petra Costa – Olmo and the seagull

Lea Glob


Lea Glob graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2011 with her well-received debut film Meeting my father Kasper Tophat. Through the film the director takes the audience on a very personal detective journey. Globs father disappeared when she was two years old, and later on died in prison. Glob tries to reconstruct her fathers identity by fitting objects and stories in a puzzle, on the verge of reality and imagination. The film has been selected to several festivals and has received an award for most innovative documentary at the Sichuan TV Festival in China. Also in 2011, Glob won the Nordic Talent Pitch Award for the documentary Human Female Sexuality about womens sexual identity, and the Odense International Pitch me Baby-award for the experimental documentary short The Night My Mother Was Born - both now works in progress.

Petra Costa


Petra Costa is a Brazilian filmmaker and actress. Costa directed and produced the short film Undertow Eyes (2009), a poetic depiction of aging and love, as seen through the perspective of her elderly Brazilian grandparents. Undertow Eyes was the official selection of over a dozen international festivals and took top prizes at nine, including Best Short Film, Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival; Best Short Documentary at LIDF, Cine Las Americas International Film Festival; and the Special Jury Award at the Gramado Film Festival. Like Undertow Eyes, Elena  her first feature-length film  is an intensely personal account of love and loss. Petras directorial intent is to take the minutia of private struggles and project their poetry onto the screen.


Olmo and the seagull


The film is set as a day in the life of the woman Olivia. She is now pregnant with her husband Serge, who is also an actor. She is giving a party, inviting friends and also previous lovers. During the day we are presented with thoughts and memories, anxieties and small glimpses of her inner thoughts. Through a process, we collect recordings of her and his thoughts during the pregnancy, also collecting his recordings of her changing body with a camera. Making the documentary footage, the memories in the enacted structure. The film will be completed in fall 2014.